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How can I get my report for free in an other language ?

Once you have downloaded your report in english, you can also get it for free in french and/or in dutch.

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How can I obtain a complete valuation report using a surveyor?

If you would like a complete report with a visit, you can contact us by going to our ImmoPriceExpert web page. 

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How can I receive my property valuation report?

After signing up on the website, please follow these steps:

1. Complete the questionnaire in 3 minutes (4 steps);
2. Select your payment method (PayPal, Ogone, bank transfer);
3. Make the payment by following the instructions;
4. After your payment is accepted, you will immediately receive a link to view your property valuation report in PDF format.

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How do I pay online?

Secure online payments are made via PayPal or Ogone (debit or credit card). You also have the option to pay via bank transfer.   

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How do I upload a photo to the valuation form?

In step 5/6, click on the 'select file' button. Next, indicate the location of the chosen photo.

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How is a property valuation carried out?

A valuation is based on a set of objective and subjective criteria, which you provide by completing an online questionnaire. The module, usually called an AVM (Automated Valuation Model) is based on a mathematical algorithm which takes into account the criteria entered and will regularly be adapted to take into account changes in the property market.

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How much does a property valuation cost? offers you very attractive rates to suit your requirements. The price for a single valuation varies between €9.90 and €24.95 depending on the chosen option.

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How precise is the calculation of a property's value?

The precision of the valuation depends on :

  • the objectivity and precision of the information which you entered;
  • the number and quality of references identified in the immediate area surrounding the property.
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I would like to buy or sell a property. How can I estimate its value? is the first online property valuation module in Belgium. 

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What is a house or apartment rental value

The rental value of a house or apartment is determined by the income that can be obtained by renting out this property. 
In Belgium, most rents are subject to annual indexation, based on the health index. However, indexation is not automatic, it must be agreed. 
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What is AVM?

AVM stands for Automated Valuation Model. This model is an algorithm that values properties based on the criteria and parameters entered.

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What is rental return?

The rental return on a property is the relationship between the annual rental income and the market value of the property including notarial & registration fees. This is a gross return. 

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What is the ‘market value’ of a house or apartment?

The market value of a house or apartment is the best price which could be obtained on the date the sale of a property is concluded, within a reasonable amount of time, and that sufficient advertising has been done to offer the property for sale.

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When is a property valuation required?

There are several reasons for estimating the value of a property:

  • Preparing for a transfer (sale or purchase transaction);
  • Financing or re-financing a property;
  • Performing management (insuring the property for its replacement value);
  • Analysing changes in the value of one’s properties in order to perform proper inheritance management;
  • Determining the rental value, in other words the price at which the property can be rented out;
  • Determining a value for sharing the property;
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Who is for? is for individuals and professionals (banks, insurance companies, brokers, etc.) who would like to form an opinion on the value of a property or its rental return.

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Why make a house pricing estimation?

There are several reasons for estimating the value of a property. A bank may request a valuation from you in order for you to obtain loan, or an insurance company may request it in order to complete your file. You may simply want to have an opinion on the value of a property before putting it up for sale, or if you wish to purchase a property, you can check the advertised price. It is also useful to have an valuation report as a basis for a discussion with an estate agent or as part of a file required for a notary. 

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Why sign up and what are the benefits?

Members have unlimited free access to their personal area (“My account”). Here you will find the history of your orders, allowing you to easily compare properties or keep track of changes to these properties.

Enjoy favourable subscription packages.

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Why use provides a more affordable and quicker alternative by offering everyone the chance to take part in the valuation process. This offers many advantages: Easy to use, Reliable, Quick, Objective, Savings, Archiving, etc.