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The ImmoPrice concept

Determine the value of your property through an instant estimation tool.
ImmoPrice provides a calculation model that enables the valuation of a property to be systematized. The concept, based on a mathematical algorithm, takes into account, on the one hand, objective criteria and market developments on the other. Model parameters are adjusted daily according to the markettrends. In this way, it can calculate the real estate value with regard to the specificities of each local market.

The value provided by ImmoPrice must be considered as a first opinion that allows anyone to get a quick and objective idea of the value of a property. It does not, in any case, replace a full valuation report with the visit of a qualified expert. This service is offered by ImmoPriceExpert.

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A passionate team

After about twenty years experience as valuer, the founders of ImmoPrice wished to use their knowledge by focusing on new developments in the real estate market.

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