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Last valuations :  21/01  at 06:10 -  Rue de BARVAUX 5590 Ciney

Last valuations :  21/01  at 00:36 -  Rue Jardon 4651 Herve

Last valuations :  21/01  at 00:11 -  Hof van Montenaken 3078 Kortenberg

Last valuations :  20/01  at 23:04 -  Rue du Champion 1070 Anderlecht

Last valuations :  20/01  at 22:19 -  Bergstraat 9270 Laarne

Last valuations :  20/01  at 22:10 -  Rue Bonaventure 1090 Jette

Last valuations :  20/01  at 21:15 -  Rue Eugène Toussaint 1090 Jette

Last valuations :  20/01  at 20:48 -  Avenue des Pommiers 4053 Chaudfontaine

Last valuations :  20/01  at 20:42 -  Rue du Stade 4870 Trooz

Last valuations :  20/01  at 20:21 -  4053 Chaudfontaine

Last valuations :  20/01  at 19:58 -  Rue Lincoln 1180 Uccle

Last valuations :  20/01  at 19:58 -  Rue Lincoln 1180 Uccle

Last valuations :  20/01  at 19:17 -  Rue Haute 1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

Last valuations :  20/01  at 19:14 -  Rue Haute 1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

Last valuations :  20/01  at 18:53 -  Avenue des Violettes 1970 Wezembeek-Oppem

Last valuations :  20/01  at 18:40 -  Boulevard Leopold II 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

Last valuations :  20/01  at 18:33 -  Rue Masui 1000 Bruxelles

Last valuations :  20/01  at 18:20 -  Rue Vanderstichelen 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

Last valuations :  20/01  at 18:09 -  Rue de Belair 5101 Namur

Last valuations :  20/01  at 17:53 -  Rue Lieutenant Liedel 1070 Anderlecht

The advantages

To obtain a property valuation, it is necessary to have the property appraised by an expert. ImmoPrice now offers a cheaper and faster alternative by offering everyone the opportunity to participate in the evaluation process.

  • Easy: A practical and user-friendly tool
  • Reliable: An advice on the value of a property corresponding to the local market
  • Quick: You instantly receive a valuation of your property
  • Savings: An online valuation for an unbeatable value for money
  • Objectivity: A rigorous and objective approach of the properties
  • Archiving: An access to the history of your reports made on ImmoPrice
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Example of the report

View an example of the ImmoPrice report, available in 3 languages:

  • Type of value: Sale
  • Type of property: Investment property
  • Address: Rue du croissant 85
  • Habitable area: 450 m2
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The method

ImmoPrice rests on a concept commonly called "AVM" for "Automated Valuation Model". The model, based on a mathematical algorithm, takes into account market evidences and future evolutions.

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  • CEO of Immoweb

    We decided to make a partnership with ImmoPrice because it is the only company in Belgium that is able to make an automated, correct and reliable valuation. We were directly impressed by the quality of the data and the algorithm of ImmoPrice. Christophe Rousseaux

  • ImmoPrice, a trusted valuation but not only!

    A service that I highly recommend to value your property! Have your house appraised while not getting crazy trying to understand the jargon of real estate. Virginie Siméons

  • Immoprice allowed me to better negotiate the price of my property!

    A real advantage for anyone wishing to sell, buy or rent a property. Fabrice Gilmart

Who are we ?

After about twenty years experience as valuer, the founders of ImmoPrice wished to use their knowledge by focusing on new developments in the real estate market.

Fabian Daubechies

Fabian Daubechies MRICS

From ICHEC to ULB, Fabian Daubechies starts his career by joining Winssinger & Associates (DTZ) in 2004. He stayed 9 years as real estate valuer, Director of the Valuation Department and member of the Executive Committee.

Benoit Forgeur

Benoit Forgeur MRICS

From VUB to ULB, Benoit Forgeur joins DTZ in 1995. He firstly starts as real estate expert, then becomes member of the Executive Committee and finally Country Head of DTZ Belgium until 2013.

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