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About us

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The concept: to easily assess the value of a property.

The founders of have been active in the property market for many years and have extensive experience in this field. As former members of the Management Committee of one of the largest international real estate consultancies, these two passionate experts have worked in all areas of real estate valuation: offices, housing, industrial, logistics, commercial and related sectors (nursing homes, theme parks, hotels, shopping centres, etc.).

Having previously valued a large number of properties in a very short amount of time, these two passionates have now developed a calculation model to systematize property valuation. Their concept, based on a mathematical algorithm, incorporates objective criterias as well as subjective ones. The model's parameters are currently updated daily to take into account changes in the property market. It can thus calculate the property value taking into account the specificities of each local market.

The concept should be seen as a first opinion, without requiring a visit to the property, it allows its users to obtain very quick and objective advice about the value of a property. Under no circumstances can it replace a complete valuation report including a visit of the property (see ImmoPriceExpert).'s basic principle is far from new. Usually called an AVM (Automated Valuation Model), this automated online valuation system dates back to the 1990s. It was first developed for other types of property such as works of art or quoted values for second-hand cars. Real estate online AVMs are today found in Australia, France, Germany, the UK and the US. Besides being the first AVM in belgium, we aim to become the most reliable one.

Among our surveyors we gather members of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) which publishes the ethical charter for the entire property sector and whose members include highly competent professionals.(1) (see

(1) The RICS is the largest worldwide organisation for property professionals. The real estate valuation standards are established by a panel of experts who determine a framework of property-related ‘best practice’. These standards call for the application of common rules, the main aim of which is to standardise the vocabulary and methods used.

The aim: getting the most out of your property.

We make this innovative model available to everyone in order to make it possible to easily obtain a valuation of the property that is about to be bought, sold, rented or bequeathed, either as part of an estate or as a contribution to a compagny, etc. thus allows you to calculate:

  • the market value : the sale value (excluding VAT, registration fees and notary/solicitor’s fees)
  • the rental value : the amount of monthly rent (excluding charges). covers all Belgian regions. 

The advantages of easy to use, reliable, quick and savings

Today, in order to have a property valuation, you need to have the property valued by a surveyor. offers a more affordable and quicker alternative by offering everyone the chance to take part in the valuation process :

  • Easy to use : is a tool that is practical and easy to use.
  • Reliable : The model allows you to obtain a valuation which corresponds to the local market, based on market information which we follow on a daily basis. The reliability of the result will mainly depend on the precision of the information entered by the user.
  • Quick : After completing the questionnaire, you receive an immediate property valuation. There is no longer any need to wait for a report or for a surveyor's visit.
  • Savings: You receive an online valuation with an unbeatable price/quality ratio.
  • Objective: We take a rigorous approach to the residential properties we value, based on objective elements.
  • Archiving : Sign up on the website and you will have access to the history of your reports at any time.

Who is for?

  • For individuals (owners, buyers, vendors, etc.) who would like to get an idea of the market value or rental value of a house, apartment or investment property. Anyone who is about to sell/buy or rent/let out a property can calculate the value of this property themselves.
  • Companies (banks, insurance companies, brokers, etc.) who frequently have to form an opinion on the value of a property. is an excellent alternative to a surveyor’s inspection. By calculating a property's value online, users save a considerable amount of time, because the result is instant. Opt for and also enjoy a sliding scale of charges thanks to our subscription packages available on our website.

If you would like a complete report with a visit, you can contact us by going to our ImmoPriceExpert webpage and you will be very quickly put in touch with our team of qualified surveyors.

Are you a real estate professional? We have developed a tool especially to help you with your analyses or valuation projects. Discover ImmoPricePro now.

Fabian Daubechies MRICS 

degree in Commercial and Financial Sciences - ICHEC group

executive master in real estate at the Solvay Business School (ULB).
He started his career at Euroclear Bank, and decided to join DTZ Belgium in 2004.
He was successively assigned the role of real estate valuer, Director of Winssinger & Associates and member of the Executive Committee.

Benoit Forgeur MRICS

sales Engineer at the Solvay Business School (VUB)

master's degree in taxation at the Solvay Business School (ULB).
He started his career at Petercam, and decided to join the group DTZ in 1995.
There he then acquired the role of real estate expert, Director of Winssinger & Associates (market leader in treal estate valuation) and finally, Country Head of DTZ Belgium.